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Image-based, unsupervised estimation of fish size from commercial landings using deep learning
A. Álvarez-Ellacuría, M. Palmer, I.A. Catalán, J.L. Lisani
Ocean swells along the global coastlines and their climate projections for the twenty-first century
A. Amores, M. Marcos
JOURNAL OF CLIMATE , Vol. 33. 1 Pag. 185-199 (2020)
Distinct ecotypes within a natural haloarchaeal population enable adaptation to changing environmental conditions without causing population sweeps
T. Viver, R. Conrad, L. Orellana, M. Urdiain, J. González-Pastor, J. Hatt, R. Amann, J. Antón, K. Konstantinidis, R. Rosselló-Móra
ISME Journal Pag. - (2020)
Linking species-level network metrics to flower traits and plant fitness
A. Lázaro, C. Gómez-Martínez, D. Alomar, M. González-Estévez, A. Traveset
JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY , Vol. 00. Pag. 1-12 (2020)
Ocean warming compresses the 3D habitat of marine life
J. Jorda, N. Marbà, S. Bennett, J. Santana-Garcon, S. Agusti, Duarte C.M
Nature Ecology & Evolution , Vol. 4. Pag. 109-114 (2020)
Chemosensing versus mechanosensing in nodal and Kupffer’s vesicle cilia
J. Cartwright, O. Piro, I. Tuval
On the Necessary Conditions for Non-Equivalent Solutions of the Rotlet-Induced Stokes Flow in a Sphere: Towards a Minimal Model for Fluid Flow in the Kupffer’s Vesicle
Yunay Hernández-Pereira, Adán O. Guerrero, Juan Manuel Rendón-Mancha, Idan Tuval
Mathematics , Vol. 8. Pag. 1- (2019)
Decreasing carbonate load of seagrass leaves with increasing latitude
I. Mazarrasa, N. Marbà, D. Krause-Jensen, H. Kennedy, R. Santos, C.E. Lovelock, C.M. Duarte
AQUATIC BOTANY , Vol. 159. Pag. 103147- (2019)
Confinement Enhances the Diversity of Microbial Flow Fields
R. Jeanneret, D. Pushkin, M. Polin
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS , Vol. 123. 24 Pag. 248102- (2019)
Human-carnivore relations: Conflicts, tolerance and coexistence in the American West
M. Expósito-Granados, A. Castro, J. Lozano, J. Aznar-Sanchez, N. Carter, J. Requena-Mullor, A. Malo, A. Olszańska, Z. Morales-Reyes, M. Moleón, J. Sánchez-Zapata, A. Cortés-Avizanda, J. Fischer, B. Martín-López
Environmental Research Letters , Vol. 14. 12 Pag. 123005- (2019)
A mechanistic assessment of the potential ecological risk to seagrass meadows posed by marine echosounders
A. Alvarez
Environmental Research Communications , Vol. 2. 1 Pag. 011002- (2019)
UBathy: A new approach for bathymetric inversion from video imagery
G. Simarro, D. Calvete, P. Luque, A. Orfila, F. Ribas
Remote Sensing , Vol. 11. 23 Pag. 1-10 (2019)
Response to Abolaffio et al. (2019): Avoiding misleading messages
A. Campos-Candela, M. Palmer, S. Balle, J. Alós
JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY , Vol. 88. 12 Pag. 2017-2021 (2019)
Rewilding traditional grazing areas affects scavenger assemblages and carcass consumption patterns
E. Arrondo, Z. Morales-Reyes, M. Moleón, A. Cortés-Avizanda, J. Donázar, J. Sánchez-Zapata
BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY , Vol. 41. Pag. 56-66 (2019)
Tracking a mass mortality outbreak of pen shell Pinna nobilis populations: A collaborative effort of scientists and citizens
M. Cabanellas-Reboredo, M. Vázquez-Luis, B. Mourre, E. Álvarez, S. Deudero, Á. Amores, P. Addis, E. Ballesteros, A. Barrajón, S. Coppa, J. García-March, S. Giacobbe, F. Casalduero, L. Hadjioannou, S. Jiménez-Gutiérrez, S. Katsanevakis, D. Kersting, V. Mačić, B. Mavrič, F. Patti, S. Planes, P. Prado, J. Sánchez, J. Tena-Medialdea, J. de Vaugelas, N. Vicente, F. Belkhamssa, I. Zupan, I. Hendriks
Scientific Reports , Vol. 9. 1 Pag. 1- (2019)
Extinction-induced community reorganization in bipartite networks
S. Sheykhali, J. Fernández-Gracia, A. Traveset, V. Eguíluz
Applied Network Science , Vol. 4. 1 Pag. 1-11 (2019)
Decadal acidification in Atlantic and Mediterranean water masses exchanging at the Strait of Gibraltar
S. Flecha, F. Pérez, A. Murata, A. Makaoui, I. Huertas
Scientific Reports , Vol. 9. 1 Pag. 15533- (2019)
Patterns of at-sea behaviour at a hybrid zone between two threatened seabirds
R. Austin, R. Wynn, S. Votier, C. Trueman, M. McMinn, A. Rodríguez, L. Suberg, L. Maurice, J. Newton, M. Genovart, C. Péron, D. Grémillet, T. Guilford
Scientific Reports , Vol. 9. 1 Pag. 14720- (2019)
Virtual BUOY: A video-based approach for measuring near-shore wave peak period
A. Osorio, S. Montoya-Vargas, C. Cartagena, J. Espinosa, A. Orfila, C. Winter
COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES , Vol. 133. Pag. 1-12 (2019)
Improvement of almond production using Bombus terrestris (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Mediterranean conditions
A. Marqués, A. Juan, M. Ruíz, A. Traveset, M. Leza
JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENTOMOLOGY , Vol. 143. 10 Pag. 1132-1142 (2019)

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